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Our team of design and research experts can help level-up the digital products and experiences you deliver to your customers.
The Ksquare Group UI/UX Design

Are you losing business because of outdated UI/UX?

UI/UX may not always be a main factor in winning new business, but it absolutely can be the cause of missing out on it. Your site or product’s outdated design may be leaving a bad impression with potential customers and costing you new business!

The Ksquare Group can deliver product design solutions for complex digital problems.

Our user experience and user interface team focuses on functionality and great experiences that go hand-in-hand to create products and sites that are not only effective in their operation, but also practical, intuitive, and pleasant for the user.

Design Audit

We’ll deliver a full evaluation of your product with an analysis report showcasing areas that need redesign. Our rigorous design audit ensures you put your best foot forward with your sites and products.

Design Sprints

We have a reputation for strong collaboration with every customer we serve. We have a unique process innovation workshop to solve problems and test new ideas so you can continue to create killer experiences for your brand.

Design System

With our design system, you will be able to manage components, coded elements, and detailed documentation that will help prevent inconsistencies when you are shipping products at scale.

Journey Map

Journey mapping is a strength of ours. We’ll help you lay out the big picture and craft the perfect experiences for each of your customer personas.

Usability Tests

We’ll ensure the plan for your product’s features, functions, and overall purpose are in line with what your customers want by studying how real-life people use your product.

As an agile shop, we use wireframes and wireflows to drive consistency between our customer’s expectations for the site or product and what we ultimately deliver.
Information Architecture

When it comes to IA we believe in measuring twice and cutting once in order to help you deliver great customer experiences through your sites and products.

Stakeholder Map

We’ll map out a visual representation of all the people who can influence your project and how they are connected in order to uncover insights and opportunities to make your product a success.

Service Blueprints

We’ll identify and improve process breakdowns and opportunities with a clear vision. Then, follow each action of your customer and analyze them from your business’s perspective.

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